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This week's Quick Tip is about helping your peer-to-peer and community fundraisers raise more. These are the volunteers out there taking part in events or organising their own to raise money for your charity. How we treat them makes all the difference, and in less than 10 minutes Simon helps you do that.

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This week's Quick Tip is all about how to grow your mailing list. In less than 10 minutes Simon gives you a bunch of ways to capture more email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers of people who are interested in the work you do.

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"Everyone is a channel!"

Richard Turner (twitter.com/ifundraiser) joins Simon to talk about the future of fundraising! He explains how the dynamics of our organisation's fundraising must change if we want to survive in a modern world. Along the way they chat about technology, the moon landing, community fundraising,  and the Kennedy assassination!


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This week's podcast is all about death life! Simon talks to Ligia Peña CFRE (twitter.com/ligiafpena) - one of the few experts in the world on Legacy Giving!

They chat through donor's wills, the legacy funnel, making that ask, life and death, and much more!

Find Ligia and her excellent blog and resources over at globetrottingfundraiser.com


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A good fundraising ask is structured as The Problem, The Solution and The Ask. But how do you frame your problem and solution most effectively to engage the potential donor?

In this week's Quick Tip Simon talks through The Problem and The Solution of your cause and the elements that work.

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Simon talks to Ryann Miller (twitter.com/Ryann) about Digital Maturity and how to balance all these shiny new objects. They chat about data, analytics and measuring success, whether that's on Email, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram...or even Second Life (or Third Life!)


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Another special LIVE recording of the podcast where anyone can dial in or comment! Join Simon as he delves in to some of your Unpopular Fundraising Opinions.

This episode's unpopular opinions are:

- "The job titles we use within fundraising are for the benefit of internal processes & are a hindrance for external dealings and creativity for acting beyond your role"

- "That all donors are NOT equal, despite how democratic we might like to be." 

- "Using chuggers damages the charity's brand."

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Camille St-Omer Donaldson (twitter.com/Camalamalamz) joins Simon on the podcast to talk about her journey towards becoming this year's #IWITOT Fundraising Rising Star Winner.

Camille talks about putting herself out there and her experience as a black woman in a sector making efforts to be more diverse and more inclusive.

And go ahead and watch Camille's IWITOT speech and read her thoughts here: http://opencreates.com/we-have-a-winner-camille-st-omer-donaldson-on-her-iwitot-journey/


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Have you ever wanted to know more about your host, Simon Scriver?

Probably not.

But still...here's an opportunity to hear him being interviewed on the radio, where he talks about his start in fundraising, his current business, general problems in the charity sector, innovation, chuggers and much more.

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Simon monologues about the fire at Notre Dame and the wealthy philanthropists who pledged to help rebuild it.

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