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Linda Arnmark has worked in fundraising at Médecins Sans Frontières for 12 years and is now New Zealand Fundraising Manager. In that time, she birthed three boys and helped establish Médecins Sans Frontières New Zealand. In fact, she was so involved and in love with Médecins Sans Frontières New Zealand she termed it her ‘fourth child.’

Is launching a fundraising program in a new market all that different to raising

Linda will explore the labour of love that went into establishing Médecins Sans Frontières New Zealand and show the success of the first two years of fundraising.
But raising a child or a charity doesn’t come with only rewards. There are of course challenges. Linda loves her baby number 4, but do New Zealanders know who Médecins Sans Frontières is, and if not, what is the best way to tell them? Given Médecins Sans Frontières New Zealand runs out of Sydney, Australia, how do you get staff on board with such a mammoth task, taking on more work for no additional love? And how do you nourish a charity from a distance? How do you love donors from across the sea? Finally, where is Médecins Sans Frontières New Zealand headed now she’s truly exited the baby stage and in the throws of the toddler years?

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Recorded live at Happy You Year in Canada, Simon is joined by guest co-host Cindy Wagman to talk about Shiny Object Syndrome in Fundraising. With input from an all-star cast, they also reflect on what happens after you leave an amazing fundraising conference!

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January 9, 2020

#093 2019: A Year In Review

Simon looks back on the highs and lows of fundraising in 2019.

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Simon talks to 'Daniella', a grants manager for a multinational company, about the decision making process behind her grants.

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Happy Giving Tuesday! In this week's Quick Tip Simon talks through the pitfalls of Giving Tuesday. He talks through the steps you can take and things to consider so that you might make the most of this terribly annoying day.

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Simon is joined by the sector's Agony Uncles Tom DeFraine ( and Andy King (

Hosts of the Fixing Fundraising podcast (, these two charity sector dreamboats share their own gripes, including the phrase 'Get Involved' and the lack of collaboration.

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Does Digital Marketing cost money? In this episode, Simon hands over to guest host Matt Collins (, MD at Platypus Digital.

Matt's a legend in the nonprofit sector when it comes to digital. In this episode hear him question the idea of 'free' digital marketing.

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In a quest to become better organised, Simon chats to Caroline Danks ( about Bullet Journals.

Find out more about Caroline and read her blog at

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Watch Ryder Carroll's "How To Bullet Journal" 

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Co-creator of the #FundraisingEscapeRoom Beate Sørum ( chats to Simon to talk about how teams interact! They sat through a bunch of Fundraising Escape Rooms, watching new and old teams succeed and fail, and here they try to breakdown what they learned from that.

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