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In this week's quick tip, Simon talks through how to get those speaking gigs at nonprofit conferences and why you should do it!

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Dana Segal ( sits down with Simon to explain Behavioural Economics and what it means for fundraisers.

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Simon talks to the man behind #NonGraduatesWelcome: David Burgess (, a fundraising consultant at Apollo Fundraising.

They chat about trying to make charity job descriptions more accessible and make the requirement for "Educated to degree level" a thing of the past!

Follow the movement on Twitter:

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Piece of sh*t newspaper, The Daily Mail, 'exposed' some of the work the #RNLI had proudly shared on their website and in their reports. Shock horror...they help people who aren't British. As a result, should you stop donating to them? This live #FundraisingPodcast answers the question...

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September 12, 2019

#081 John Lepp - Design

Simon chats to friend of the podcast John Lepp ( about design in direct response marketing and fundraising.

Along the way they chat about fonts, clutter, Vincent Van Gogh and starry nights, newsletters and Tom Ahern, getting older, John reveals who his favourite child is, and much more.

Read John's blog post here:


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Simon chats to Jean O'Brien ( about the Holy Trinity of Digital Fundraising: Email, Google Ads and Facebook Fundraisers.

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One of your favourite guest hosts returns! Sarah Lyons, CFRE ( takes over the podcast to chat to Juniper Locilento, MPNL, CFRE ( about trust in the charity sector.

As a follow up, watch Juniper testifying in front of the Canadian Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector:

And read more on "Catalyst for Change: A Roadmap to a Stronger Charitable Sector":


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September 2, 2019

#078 “Dear First Name”

Music video at:



Ever since your first donation I watched you from afar,
I would have loved to done approached you but GDPR,
Fell in love with your gift and face
Dear first name, Won’t you let me put you on my database?

Finally got you at my silent auction I thought I’d tell you how I feel
My knees were knocking and my bucket was shaking, would you respond to my appeal
But you left with my corporate sponsor and its playing on my mind
To me you're a major donor but to him just a gift in kind

Dear first name, won’t you take my last name?
I'm longing for your kiss
Add me to your will
Dear friend, wont you opt in to my list?

Now every day feels like a year end where I haven’t hit my goal,
Like a Board and a CEO that won’t invest in digital.
If you gave me a chance to prove it it would just be heaven sent,
Our retention rate would be one hundred and fifty percent.

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Simon talks to Michelle Berriman, the 'Skiwi' Executive Director of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (

They talk through what's new on the New Zealand fundraising scene, membership organisations in general, conference themes & taglines, and much more!

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Robin Peake takes over the podcast to chat to Angela Cluff.

Robin Peake ( is the Senior Fundraising Executive at Home for Good. He spent 6 years as Head of Fundraising and Communications with Innovista, winning Best Donor Experience at the 2018 National Fundraising Awards. He is passionate about generosity and serves as a Trustee for Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Fundraising Consultant Angela Cluff ( talks about what she’s observed and learned over 25 years fundraising with NSPCC, the Management Centre, as a Trustee with Oxfam, and as the chair of the Supporter Experience SIG.

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